Games I Play

World of Warcraft

Aerie Peak – Convert to Raid Guild

Lilulicious – Balance Druid

Aerie Peak – Icecream Citadel Guild

Talkingtina – Destruction Warlock
Dolliellama – Enhancement Shaman
Cindielouwho – Blood Death Knight
Madridista – Frost Mage
Secksytimes – BM Hunter
Lolalicious – Shadow Priest
Liluzebub – Demon Hunter

Earthen Ring – Bitter and Salty Guild

Lilulicious – Frost Mage
Lilloo – Monk


Other Blizzard Games:

Heroes of the Storm


Diablo 3

Starcraft 2

League of Legends –

Summoner Name : Lilulicious

Steam: Lilulicious

Forsaken World
Civilization V
Bioshock Infinite
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Raptr: Lilulicious

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